Compromust - new beginnings

A new word?

I always wanted to invent a new word that eventually could be "a term" and I think I have found one that just might stick:

Compromust - a compromust is an action that you have to do after a "negotiation". Any discussion of terms or similar might result in a compromust. The connotation is negative, you can imagine the feeling after having had salary negotiations with your boss and finding out that they are not the type of person you see yourself working with anymore.

How did it come into existence?

I had to decide if I want to continue with my work despite some insurmountable differences in attitude with the leadership team. The situation put me in a conundrum - do I want to stop to professionalize and develop my team, or do I care about the way people treat me? Both these options seem terrible on paper and let me assure you, they feel like it as well. This situation however required a solution and the dilemma I feel is what I coined "compromust".

Compromust and leadership

As leaders there will be situations where you have to choose between plague or cholera and even though you despise both options the pressure of time/resource allocation and other factors demanding your attention will lead you down the dark road of "decision making". Rest assured whatever decision you made can feel like the wrong one at some point in the future. If you imagine this scenario and potentially a world where this is daily business - one of the ideals of your leadership mindset should be to reduce the compromusts to a bare minimum, don't get caught off guard, calculate the risk and on top of everything - be human.

be empathic to avoid compromusts

It does not matter if you have salary negotiations, your team mates want to take overtime, the Russian roulette of responsibility and accountability is going around. Situations where one party is the powerful and one is powerless occur on a daily basis, especially in management relationships. Be wary of power imbalances and your role in keeping these up, empower those that work for/with you, delegate to support and sponsor those that would not normally get the chance to shine.

Which situations put you into a compromust? I would love to know and develop this concept with your input, please reach out on linkedin, twitter or via comment!

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